Why do you condole?

OMG! This is bad. Henrik Hald has died. Now all you English speakers out there probably do not know who his is… or was, unfortunately. Henrik Hald was a great Danish musician who among many other projects, including sole recording, was a central part of the Danish band and Copenhagen anthem writer: Love Shop.

I was privileged enough to see Henrik Hald perform live (think a mix of Morrissey and Johnny Cash) and the last time in Vega was a scary reminder just how dreadful a disease cancer is.

The passing of Henrik Hald was not meant to result in a post here, as it is just sad. However, after a couple of days of constantly playing music of his, a problem kept coming up that I hope my readers will help me solve?

The the thing is… Upon getting the news of his death I felt so bad I had to do something. Shout it out and tell the world that this is just not on. However being in an office outside of Copenhagen where I doubted anybody felt as strongly as I did, I could not just do a wlak around the office and talk of the loss and my grief. So I posted a comment of condolence on the tabloid that reported his death.

What confuses me is, if that actually helped anybody but me? I surely felt a little better, but what else? Was it a good deed to write a respectful comment on a random newspaper? Even if those close to Henrik Hald ever happens to read it, would it make any difference to them?

Did I just do a very selfish act by hijacking his loved ones grief to make myself feel better? Instead of just being happy for the music he has provided me with?

So I made a small poll here and I hope that you answer it and comment on why you condole people with the loss of loved ones?

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.


I feel so extraordinary part 2

Remember the story of my friend oversleeping? There is a further twist to that. As I was driving and listening to New Order I contemplated one of my life’s principles: Only blame yourself. The thing is that the world do fuck you up from time to time, and you do meet idiots who are out to destroy faith in humanity with their deceit and dishonesty, but for the most part, bad things that happen to you are either the result of your own actions or life choices, and most can be avoided with a strategy of ends and means and a general positive attitude towards the world. Even if it is one of those rare times when the sun blows up or somebody really does you over, how is blaming them advancing your day? I try to learn what I can, count my losses (it is called sunk cost in economics), lick my wounds and survey the situation to find the most positive path forward (this is what economists call opportunity cost). All this, while trying to smile and keep happy, if only for my own sake.

Now, my friend in the story… He was angry from oversleeping, and decided to try to make it better by blaming me. Rightly or wrongly does not matter here. Because what does that achieve? Will he conclude that I cannot be trusted, or maybe generally mistrust people? How is the mental energy spent on blame, finding excuses, and felling like a victim forwarding his needed next step to remedy the situation he is currently in? Maybe I was wrong to remove the snow from his car to help him. Maybe I should have supported his desire to blame and taken a confrontation with him? Just to make him happy by validating his belief. But you know what… A good deed is not always what people want or even need. Sometimes it has to do with principles. It was his choice to let the start of the day ruin the rest of it, but I would not allow him to take my day with him to the trash. So I do not support people crying over sunk cost even if they want to, because I know it is not lowering opportunity cost and is hence not helping them, me or the world. So yeah, I feel so extraordinary. Something’s got a hold on me. I get this feeling I’m in motion…

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.

I feel so extraordinary part 1

This is just a short story about the greatness of placing doing good deeds and general decency top of mind.

A short while back I was spending the night at the house of a close friend of mine. Now, he normally gets up at 5.30 in order to commute to work. He is normally kind enough to knock on the door the room I sleep in at 5.45 which gives me time to hit the gym before work – if the workload allows.

Now this specific morning I woke by myself at 6.08. The house was all quite and still. Normally it is bussing with TV newscaster audio and breakfast consumption. I had a heavy workload in front of me that day but decided to view the quiet morning as a blessing and take it easy; A nice long shower and not stressing with the breakfast too much. I did wonder why my friend and his wife were not up. In retrospect maybe I should have knocked on their bedroom door. I didn’t, because knowing my friend had been sick for a week I thought maybe he had decided to stay home and sleep in, and who was I to disturb him? Besides I heard voices when I was showering, so I thought it was ok. Instead I took his dog out in the yard to have a wee. After that I ate my breakfast and was about to head out when I hear my friend getting up. He was very angry with me for not waking him up. Well… The old me would have taken up that confrontation and tried to explain that 1) I thought he was up. 2) That as happy as I am for his assistance in waking me, I do also have an alarm clock since getting up in the morning is ultimately an individual responsibility and all that…But I decided to let it slide. I understood his frustration, and I did not want to continue the start of my day with a confrontation. So I smiled and wished him a nice day and went out to my car. It turned out that it had snowed doing the night. While removing the ice from my car windows I decided to do the same for my friend. I also decided to tell him that I had done it. See, as cool as he is, he is the kind of person not to notice something like this, and I wanted to cheer him up with the deed.

Having done this I got in my car. I felt great. Heck, I felt better than great. Listening to my car stereo I got the word for what I felt; extraordinary. The stereo was playing True Dub by New Order from the Hacienda Classic Acid House compilation (Isn’t it amazing that there exists a category such as “classic acid house”?… I love progress) complied by the legendary Peter Hook. The song is a remix of True Faith, which is about being hooked on drugs. Now doing small good deeds is kind of like that for me right now… You think about it all the time because it makes you feel good. It is selfish in its own way little way. Love it.

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.

Welcome to the ACAB blog

I was a weird kid growing up. That is not just something I say to sound interesting. It is a data point for you to put in a pitch book if ever you wanted to underwrite me. Let me explain. My parents had at least one solid principle for raising me. Whatever I asked, I would get an answer. I loved that, and actually thought it was normal until I entered school and found the opposite to be true, but that’s another story. Anyway, I gravely abused my parents principle (that is another data point on me; I am a greedy person). Three very important things I remember asking about first (and contemplating ever since) was 1) How do I become a lion 2) Why is there money and what is money? 3) Why do people do good deeds? For their own benefit, or because they really care?  And more importantly, does it matter as long as they do in fact do good deeds and treat each other nice?

Well, the first question I solved by supporting one or two specific football clubs. The next question I approached and found answers to by pursuing a degree and subsequent career in business and economics. The last however… That has taken a lot of experimentation and reading and awful lot of philosophy. On this blog, and please forgive my despereat attempt at it up front, you will be able to read and comment on some of my thoughts on this matter.

Till my next post I hope you will sign up at www.echo.it and help us there change the world.

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.