Welcome to the ACAB blog

I was a weird kid growing up. That is not just something I say to sound interesting. It is a data point for you to put in a pitch book if ever you wanted to underwrite me. Let me explain. My parents had at least one solid principle for raising me. Whatever I asked, I would get an answer. I loved that, and actually thought it was normal until I entered school and found the opposite to be true, but that’s another story. Anyway, I gravely abused my parents principle (that is another data point on me; I am a greedy person). Three very important things I remember asking about first (and contemplating ever since) was 1) How do I become a lion 2) Why is there money and what is money? 3) Why do people do good deeds? For their own benefit, or because they really care?  And more importantly, does it matter as long as they do in fact do good deeds and treat each other nice?

Well, the first question I solved by supporting one or two specific football clubs. The next question I approached and found answers to by pursuing a degree and subsequent career in business and economics. The last however… That has taken a lot of experimentation and reading and awful lot of philosophy. On this blog, and please forgive my despereat attempt at it up front, you will be able to read and comment on some of my thoughts on this matter.

Till my next post I hope you will sign up at www.echo.it and help us there change the world.

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.


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