I feel so extraordinary part 2

Remember the story of my friend oversleeping? There is a further twist to that. As I was driving and listening to New Order I contemplated one of my life’s principles: Only blame yourself. The thing is that the world do fuck you up from time to time, and you do meet idiots who are out to destroy faith in humanity with their deceit and dishonesty, but for the most part, bad things that happen to you are either the result of your own actions or life choices, and most can be avoided with a strategy of ends and means and a general positive attitude towards the world. Even if it is one of those rare times when the sun blows up or somebody really does you over, how is blaming them advancing your day? I try to learn what I can, count my losses (it is called sunk cost in economics), lick my wounds and survey the situation to find the most positive path forward (this is what economists call opportunity cost). All this, while trying to smile and keep happy, if only for my own sake.

Now, my friend in the story… He was angry from oversleeping, and decided to try to make it better by blaming me. Rightly or wrongly does not matter here. Because what does that achieve? Will he conclude that I cannot be trusted, or maybe generally mistrust people? How is the mental energy spent on blame, finding excuses, and felling like a victim forwarding his needed next step to remedy the situation he is currently in? Maybe I was wrong to remove the snow from his car to help him. Maybe I should have supported his desire to blame and taken a confrontation with him? Just to make him happy by validating his belief. But you know what… A good deed is not always what people want or even need. Sometimes it has to do with principles. It was his choice to let the start of the day ruin the rest of it, but I would not allow him to take my day with him to the trash. So I do not support people crying over sunk cost even if they want to, because I know it is not lowering opportunity cost and is hence not helping them, me or the world. So yeah, I feel so extraordinary. Something’s got a hold on me. I get this feeling I’m in motion…

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.


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