Why do you condole?

OMG! This is bad. Henrik Hald has died. Now all you English speakers out there probably do not know who his is… or was, unfortunately. Henrik Hald was a great Danish musician who among many other projects, including sole recording, was a central part of the Danish band and Copenhagen anthem writer: Love Shop.

I was privileged enough to see Henrik Hald perform live (think a mix of Morrissey and Johnny Cash) and the last time in Vega was a scary reminder just how dreadful a disease cancer is.

The passing of Henrik Hald was not meant to result in a post here, as it is just sad. However, after a couple of days of constantly playing music of his, a problem kept coming up that I hope my readers will help me solve?

The the thing is… Upon getting the news of his death I felt so bad I had to do something. Shout it out and tell the world that this is just not on. However being in an office outside of Copenhagen where I doubted anybody felt as strongly as I did, I could not just do a wlak around the office and talk of the loss and my grief. So I posted a comment of condolence on the tabloid that reported his death.

What confuses me is, if that actually helped anybody but me? I surely felt a little better, but what else? Was it a good deed to write a respectful comment on a random newspaper? Even if those close to Henrik Hald ever happens to read it, would it make any difference to them?

Did I just do a very selfish act by hijacking his loved ones grief to make myself feel better? Instead of just being happy for the music he has provided me with?

So I made a small poll here and I hope that you answer it and comment on why you condole people with the loss of loved ones?

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.


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