The Market of Good Deeds

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The market of good deeds can be sliced in many different forms and shapes. Consumer preferences are, as with all preferences, based on the subjective valuation of the customer. Some prefer goods that address specific needs and concerns; others want a more broad scope. Some desire neutrality while others view a cause bias as preferable. In this post and pencast I will however focus on the area of execution. This is illustrated in figure 1, where the width of the pillars are the amount of players. Going from the left to right we see a lot of players in the global context. Established organizations that do a fine job like Red Cross try to go to suffering areas of the world and help there – far away from the benefactor. While typically being not for profit, their overhead costs runs upward of 80%. Further down the scale we have national or locally oriented groups, typically with a religious background. Their product is also based on helping away from the donator, but still closer to home, like focusing national homelessness or helping obese children. The amount of these technologies (I use the technology term here to also include organisations, beliefs, incentive systems etc… for more on Social Technologies see here) tends to be correlated with the size of the state. Meaning that in societies with a large state, fewer of these organizations exists. This is not to say that government is any better or worse in helping the causes; it is merely an observation. Last down on the scale we have the interpersonal niceness – how to be a decent human being. No real organizations offers products here, but behavioral technologies such as manners and morals have sufficed to a degree in the past. However with cultural globalization, moral relativism, high divorce rates and general performance culture those technologies have come under severe pressure. This is were Echo It is meant to make a difference.

Figure 1

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  1. […] money is made in the two first segments of the market of good deeds (see the Market of good deeds). While they typically are not directly for profit, overhead of these organizations typically run […]

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