Superhero saves Copenhagen’s Metro seats

I am happy right now. My good friends Maja and Matte have come back from, what feels like a decade in, Australia. Thanks for that, especially since they came home the same day Henrik Hall died which made me sad. Anyway, they had a very hyggelig get-back-get-together at their local pub Viking with a lot of their friends. At this party I talked to another friend of mine, Peter The Hulk, about my passion for good deeds and how I genuinely believe the world can be nicer with only little thought and effort from each individual. He agreed and told me a little story that I want to share here – Because I want to do my little part to help his cause and it is damn inspiring.

Copenhagen has a Metro. It is fairly new and apparently best in the world. In that metro are fixed seats but also flip down seats. Peter The Hulk rides this Metro everyday and have noticed people almost jump falls into these and when they arrive at their station just gets up causing the seat to ricochet hard into to the sidewall. This makes a lot of noise for other passengers, and as Peter The Hulk has noticed; more and more of these seats seems to be broken, very likely contributing to raising ticket fairs.

Peter The Hulk has now started a small change campaign of his own. He always put a hand behind his back and gently pulls the seat down when setting down, and gently back up when he is done using its seating functionality in order to show leadership and an good example. He has also started telling people he meets to please treat the seats nicely. He has taken it one step further too – He now instinctively places a hand on the seat of people next to him about to get up, so that he can place the seat orderly for them. That is amazing! It makes Peter The Hulk my personal superhero of flip down seats!

I wanted to share this story because it shows that in order to improve the world you need to notice the little things, and if the world at large sucks at noticing that particular little thing, you must take action yourself and not just complain over noisy seats and ever-raising ticket fairs.

Thanks to Katja for taking this picture 🙂

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.


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