We are nothing if not nice

I been spinning the new Streets album Computers and Blues for about a week now. Love it! A truly coming of age album. Once again the Brummie captures some essence of being a young man in Northern Europe.

I was struck by what is now both a title on this blog post and a line in the phenomenal song Trust Me. So right Mike Skinner is in his prose here. We humans have the ability to choose to be nice to each other. Just think about that. What an amazing choice to have every single second of every day. It is almost an imperative in the wording here. If we chose not to be nice, we are nothing; Just animals.

With that reference to being an animal shared I smile to you all as I put on my Adidas trainers and SI jumper (for old times sake)  and head out the door. My football team is playing a training match today and I am as excited as a trucker in a br… bridgegame;-)

Have a great Saturday y’all! I am happy you took the time to read this.


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