Some party thoughts

It is Monday everybody! And while the weekend brought some great parties, it also resulted in some food for thought I will now serve up for you all.

Saturday sure was a blast. A long football dry spell ended and I managed to get drunk twice! First time involved a cold blown field @ Frederikberg, a 2-0 win and a police officer who was a good laugh and another that wasn’t. The next trip down the alcoholic fog that day contained two parties; the first had a good “post grad” feel with civilized conversation and nice people I care deeply about. Nice to see how everybody seems to be getting happier and happier everyday of their life after school. No more institutions dictating your goals if you do not want them to. Lovely wonderful and different people. It was also slightly sad because the occasion for the party was Mathias leaving Copenhagen to work for google @ Dublin. Congrats… You will be missed my friend! All you adwords crazies out there – you will never get a better key account so give him a call.

So here is the first food for thought of today; what is the best going away gift? Seems most people gave him alcohol… Which seems strange since he is leaving in like two days… FOR IRELAND;-)

I decided to gift him a percentage of my check-in luggage when I go visit him this summer. What do you think?

Next food for thought; Going home from the party we got in a cab. I forgot to give him my card upfront because Katja and I was chatting nicely. When we got home he asked for payment. I just handed him my card. Which he got a bit pissed over, and told me to please give that upfront another time. I told him sorry and that my mind was elsewhere and offered cash if that would make him happier. He didn’t want that. I told him I learned my lesson. So dear readers; please remember to give cabbies your card upfront… or they’ll be mad and when you think about how many people they talk to, we should try to keep them happy at almost all costs. This is hence very important: Be nice to cabbies – they get around!

Woops… Didn’t I say two parties? I guess I did… The last one was a welcome back in Copenhagen to Karina @ Nokia that got a little out of hand and went a lot over the allocated timeslot, but who is looking at the clock when the laughs are roaring? It was thrown by my great roommate Tesen (she is a good friend to all). It included a lot of love too (not all of it entirely on the level in some people eyes I guess), people wearing other people’s pants, limbo dancing, girls with fake mustaches, drinks which seemed to be made from everything from 16 year old whiskey to dishwashing liquid and… well… ask my roommate for more details (I am just glad not to be on fb), although I doubt she recalls most of it.

Have a great Monday everybody! I am happy you took the time to read this.


3 Comments on “Some party thoughts”

  1. travelingmad says:

    Nice post. I studied Adwords in a class recently last semester. Congrats to your friend!!
    Best going away gift for a guy? Idk. That’s a tough one. Alcohol does not seem like the best idea. Maybe something practical that he can use like a cool t-shirt or belt.

    Parties sound great. I will go to one this evening myself with all my other single classmates.

    I gotta buy some of those fake mustaches too. They look so funny on girls at parties!

    • stefanecho says:

      Thx for the post. A t-shirt is a good idea, belt too (especially since most guys don’t normally think to buy this themselves)

      I love that you share my taste in that fake mustaches on nice girls rule. Watching guys looking perplexed while flirting is awesome (sorry dudes).

      If you really want to start up a convo when you go out single hunting, try wearing a pair of swimming glasses around your neck. It works.

      PS: Please send pictures of the fake mustaches:-)

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