Thank you Mike!

One of the most important things about being innovative is that you constantly have to challenge yourself. A method to this that I use is to at least once a week do something I don’t normally do. It is not always nice, but always rewarding. Mike, the tech lead at Echo it has a great concept for this. A concept that he was kind enough to share with me last Friday. Once a month he design a tour of parties, bars and clubs that he does not normal frequent. That surely is a great idea, because it forces you to meet and talk to people who are outside your normal world a bit. Think about that for a second. Most of us get up, kiss our loved ones, get in the car and drive to work where we spend hours with the same people we see every day and then we drive home to our families. There is nothing per say wrong with this, but try to think about when was the last time you had a conversation with a stranger? So this is a party report from The Weird Party Patrol, hey ho, lets go! I hope Mike’s idea spreads. Such effort to entertain your friends and meet new people is surely awe-inspiring!

We started with a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot in Mike’s downtown Copenhagen apartment and set out some challenges for us for the night. Anders should ask why a random person did not feel like wearing green that day. I was to ask how a strangers mom was getting along. Nice friendly questions to ask strangers.

The next stop Mike managed to build up nicely. He told us the place was members-only and that we had to be quiet and attentive. Scary… We thought he was taken us to a sect, so the laughs was high when we pulled up in front of a bingo hall. That was surprisingly funny. We met some nice people and I even won 250 DKK! Thank you, Jytte for helping me out.

Next place was a down and out bar in Valby. A truly authentic place. I won’t say the name because then the Copenhagen hipster scene will all over this pearl in no time and that would likely ruined it for the locals. I loved the place because they still had 47-brand beer  (best ever)! And we got a sneak peak at the challenger to the Iphone.

From here we went to Damhuskroen. All people in Copenhagen will realize the gravity of that statement. Nuff said.

We met many nice people who gave us stuff. Here Mike is holding the Chocolate winnings Jytte gave us (we shared it with many others). Also pictured is the hot girl who wanted to share kisses.

The last stop of the evening was Faust, a downtown goth bar. Some of the girls there had more tattoos than me. Nice.

All in all a great evening! Thank you Mike for putting that together! And thanks to all the people who showed us a great time on our trip.

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.


2 Comments on “Thank you Mike!”

  1. Mattiasgudmundsson says:

    Good stuff Kondi! Keep blogging 🙂

    • stefanecho says:

      Thx Matte! I will my friend. London’s coming up… Lovely!

      BTW the rest of you faithful readers now know fun fact #16 about yours truly. Good friends call me Kondi and I love that name!

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