New Echo it video in the making

Just a quick line to share some pics of us working on the new echo it video to go online very shortly! We are doing this with Stik I Rend Film and is very excited to see the final production.

Below are some behind the scene pictures of the creative process. We had a lot of fun. Enjoy!


This charming man – RARE Original!

I was in London last week and had a blast – unfortunately I also attracted a cold and a big hole in my wallet. I got a ton of inspiration, and I guess it will slowly creep its way into this blog too. However, I will write a quick urgent post before my fever calls me back to bed. It relates to a great record – one I wanted for a long time – that I did not buy; because as happy as it would make me feel, I am sure somebody out there would be even happier to find it, and if I took it home, it would ruin it for that person.


Now the record I am talking about is the second single by the greatest band ever, The Smiths. Released in October 1983 on Rough Trade, and numerous times since, the song is a favorite of mine from my DJing years – Yes, I like Francois Kevorkian version a bit better than the original. To those of you that don’t know it, I am not the only lover of its both quirky and vulnerable sound; Mojo magazine journalists placed the track at number one on their 2008 “50 Greatest UK Indie Records of All Time” feature.

I still collect records. Not religiously as I used to, but enough to make sweet Katja sigh once in while when I go off on a rant about some old Northern Soul single or a UK original The 4-Skins album I just tracked down. So imagined when I found the pearl pictured above in this post! My joy, my excitement, my near erection! It was located at Out On the Floor records (a refrence to amazing Dobie Gray I guess) located @ 10 Inverness Street in Camden London. I am telling you this, because I did not buy it, and it is still there to pick up. Now the thing about The Smiths is that they really performed songs that can save lives. ‘nuff said! So I figured not to pick of this sought after gem, I decided that I was happy enough in order to let it slide to someone else who’s life it might potentially save. Btw: The record sleeve features a still frame from Jean Cocteau’s 1949 film Orphée, featuring French actor Jean Marais (thank you, Wikipedia).

 So there you go! And here is the song to brighten up your day:

 PS: I do hope Cardiff fan Ryan Oliver who fell down at Saturdays game against my beloved lions at Millwall will get a full recovery. What an unfortunate way to almost get killed at football, ehh? Makes you think.

Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Googles real slogan revealed

I have for some time believed that Google should change their slogan to: ”it is easier than friends”. Think about it; In the past if you where at a loss for some knowledge what would you do? Very likely call a friend, right? But that meant also having to do some small talk. Enquire to her day, dog and parents… Maybe you didn’t get the answer and had to do the same thing all over again with another friend. So if we ignore that small talking to friends can have its own merits, Google is way better because it is easier. You just shout at it what you want know. No niceties expected, and often not even a full sentence required. Once you get the result you sort them over with condescending remarks and once you find what you like – or even if you all of a sudden feel like doing something else – you just leave Google hanging. No explanations or anything.

So there you go; Google – Its easier than friends.

However, since this innovation is so great, lets instead call one or two of our friends this week and ask if there is something you can do for them? Echo it afterwards and inspire others to maybe do the same for their friends.

I Love the French!

We have not yet done a lot to promote echo it, because we are not yet quite where we wanna be. However still with no real effort we have been blessed with people taking the time to share the good vibes! Especially French people seem to be really taken in with our idea. I love the French! Can’t wait to visit Paris in a couple of weeks and experience the goodness.

I will however just shortly give some shout back to some of the people who took time to share the vision

Michael Aagaard @ – A great copywriting and SEO genius. Oh… And he loves Ramones too.

Anders Ibsen @ – This will be big.

Maïa Mazaurette @ – She is so cool!

Lars AP @ – Wrote the book “Fucking Flink” (Damn nice) and a real inspiration here at echo it.

Thank you everybody else too!

Keep happy in the rain… Make a list

Hello internet! Sorry to not keep this blog up. But as you all know; we beta launched last week and boy it is hard to both be an entrepreneur and keep your dayjob running (especially when you have a nice, but insistent, PE fund owner)… My last meeting yesterday ended at two in the morning, I have a cold, and is extra tired for moving all weekend. Oh yeah… And it rains and snows simontainously in Copenhagen today. Well… I am not beat, because I know that whatever pain I feel now is only temporary and in order to remind me of this fact I decided to make a short list of things that rocks right now, have it on my person (or devise) and look at it whenever I feel pressured.

Here is my list

  1. Moving in with sweetie Katja in the Frederiksberg part of Copenhagen where taxes are (slightly) lower.
  2. The great reception of echo it
  3. My friends and coworkers
  4. I am within the next month going to London, Paris and Berlin.
  5. I have tickets to see Sham 69, Descendents, Adicts and Social Distortion this spring!
  6. Bonus: Millwall beat QPR 2-0. Go lions!!


What does your list look like?

Oh yeah… The music mentioned is below so that you are not cheated from some inspiration this morning (it is all punk, so turn up your speakers) and I even found some footage of the game too.

Have a great morning! I am happy you took the time to read this.

Echo it… a day in…

Hello everybody… Yesterday my friends and I took a great chance. We finally released our little baby Echo it out into its beta teens.

So far the response has been great. Especially for an awkward teenager making its first attempt at the dancefloor that is the www. We have gotten great feedback and the sign-ups and views are growing by the minute – without having yet done any proactive PR or media stuff yet (but a big shout of thanks goes to all those lovely people spreading it by themselves).

We have great plans with echo it, but Rome was not build in a day, but if our faithful users will give us that much sought after gem: “Patience”, I promise that the site will keep improving rapidly.

The best part is all the good deeds being done out there: here are just three of my favs:

Peter Løndahl Søndergaard echoed: The other night I was sitting alone in the Metro when three dressed up ladies around 70 sat down around me. I told them: “It’s always nice to be surrounded by such lovely young girls”. They all laughed and were one big smile. I think it made their day 🙂 #Elderly

Kim Hildebrandt echoed: Helped a women get her wallet that she lost on the platform getting on the train

Mathias Vestergaard echoed: just sent supportive emails to a friend going through a tough divorce…

And a fourth special mentioning goes to:

Mazaurette echoed: I let the guy at the airport security check my boobs a bit more than necessary, because I thought it would make his day.

PS: Read her great blog sexactu here

Oh yeah, and have you seen this:

Nicki Brøchner echoed: Last Saturday I made a video reminding people about what is at the core of the hardships in the Middle east, we should all hope for a New tomorrow in the Middle East.

You can see his great efforts below:

See more at echo it right now! I can’t stop feeling good about all the niceness!

Finally! The Launch of Echo it – let the good deeds begin!

Do you know what 1 March is famous for? Back in Roman times, it marked new years. In 1565, the great city of Rio de Janiero was founded, and in 1893 Nikola Tesla gave the first public presentation of a radio.

Today may not make you quite as happy as Johnny will be on 1 March, 2093, when he finally boards a spaceship for much needed vacation in space (Okay, I am just guessing here – but wouldn’t it be cool?).

And I am also not going to try to burn any poor women like they did in Salem exactly 319 years ago. But today is just a super awesome day, because it marks the launch of Echo it, and hopefully the beginning of a nicer world…

Try Echo it now and start making the world a better place – one echo at a time >>


So what is Echo it?

In short, Echo it is a social platform designed for sharing and promoting good deeds – regardless of size or significance. We human beings have a natural inclination to help one another, sometimes we just need to be reminded of how little effort it takes and how good it feels to extend a helping hand.

Echo it lets you share your good deeds with your peers. It also keeps you updated on the good deeds of your peers. Sharing your good deeds with your peers will inspire them to perform similar acts of kindness – following their good deeds will keep you inspired.

That way, your good deeds will take on a life of their own. And who knows, your acts of goodness might come back to you – just like an echo.

Join in, start echoing, and help change the world – all it takes is one echo! 



Putting social media to the test

It’s a well-known fact that human beings quickly conform to the norms within a social group. If the norm is to be apathetic towards the needs of others, new members of the social group will most likely conform to apathy.

However, if the norm is to be attentive and helpful towards the needs of others, new members of the social group will most likely conform to enthusiasm, involvement and attentiveness.

So in a way, you could see Echo it as a social media experiment. An experiment designed to test whether it’s possible to build up a social platform around something more substantial than LOL cats, fan pages, party pictures, and random observations on everyday life.

So come on and help show the world what this whole internet thing is all about! Get Started Now!

Please spread the word to all your friends. And remember; doing so is a good deed, so you might as well echo that right away.

Have a great day and I hope to see you onboard!

Stefan on behalf of The Echo it team*

*) Which all rocks a lot!