Finally! The Launch of Echo it – let the good deeds begin!

Do you know what 1 March is famous for? Back in Roman times, it marked new years. In 1565, the great city of Rio de Janiero was founded, and in 1893 Nikola Tesla gave the first public presentation of a radio.

Today may not make you quite as happy as Johnny will be on 1 March, 2093, when he finally boards a spaceship for much needed vacation in space (Okay, I am just guessing here – but wouldn’t it be cool?).

And I am also not going to try to burn any poor women like they did in Salem exactly 319 years ago. But today is just a super awesome day, because it marks the launch of Echo it, and hopefully the beginning of a nicer world…

Try Echo it now and start making the world a better place – one echo at a time >>


So what is Echo it?

In short, Echo it is a social platform designed for sharing and promoting good deeds – regardless of size or significance. We human beings have a natural inclination to help one another, sometimes we just need to be reminded of how little effort it takes and how good it feels to extend a helping hand.

Echo it lets you share your good deeds with your peers. It also keeps you updated on the good deeds of your peers. Sharing your good deeds with your peers will inspire them to perform similar acts of kindness – following their good deeds will keep you inspired.

That way, your good deeds will take on a life of their own. And who knows, your acts of goodness might come back to you – just like an echo.

Join in, start echoing, and help change the world – all it takes is one echo! 



Putting social media to the test

It’s a well-known fact that human beings quickly conform to the norms within a social group. If the norm is to be apathetic towards the needs of others, new members of the social group will most likely conform to apathy.

However, if the norm is to be attentive and helpful towards the needs of others, new members of the social group will most likely conform to enthusiasm, involvement and attentiveness.

So in a way, you could see Echo it as a social media experiment. An experiment designed to test whether it’s possible to build up a social platform around something more substantial than LOL cats, fan pages, party pictures, and random observations on everyday life.

So come on and help show the world what this whole internet thing is all about! Get Started Now!

Please spread the word to all your friends. And remember; doing so is a good deed, so you might as well echo that right away.

Have a great day and I hope to see you onboard!

Stefan on behalf of The Echo it team*

*) Which all rocks a lot!


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