Echo it… a day in…

Hello everybody… Yesterday my friends and I took a great chance. We finally released our little baby Echo it out into its beta teens.

So far the response has been great. Especially for an awkward teenager making its first attempt at the dancefloor that is the www. We have gotten great feedback and the sign-ups and views are growing by the minute – without having yet done any proactive PR or media stuff yet (but a big shout of thanks goes to all those lovely people spreading it by themselves).

We have great plans with echo it, but Rome was not build in a day, but if our faithful users will give us that much sought after gem: “Patience”, I promise that the site will keep improving rapidly.

The best part is all the good deeds being done out there: here are just three of my favs:

Peter Løndahl Søndergaard echoed: The other night I was sitting alone in the Metro when three dressed up ladies around 70 sat down around me. I told them: “It’s always nice to be surrounded by such lovely young girls”. They all laughed and were one big smile. I think it made their day 🙂 #Elderly

Kim Hildebrandt echoed: Helped a women get her wallet that she lost on the platform getting on the train

Mathias Vestergaard echoed: just sent supportive emails to a friend going through a tough divorce…

And a fourth special mentioning goes to:

Mazaurette echoed: I let the guy at the airport security check my boobs a bit more than necessary, because I thought it would make his day.

PS: Read her great blog sexactu here

Oh yeah, and have you seen this:

Nicki Brøchner echoed: Last Saturday I made a video reminding people about what is at the core of the hardships in the Middle east, we should all hope for a New tomorrow in the Middle East.

You can see his great efforts below:

See more at echo it right now! I can’t stop feeling good about all the niceness!


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