I Love the French!

We have not yet done a lot to promote echo it, because we are not yet quite where we wanna be. However still with no real effort we have been blessed with people taking the time to share the good vibes! Especially French people seem to be really taken in with our idea. I love the French! Can’t wait to visit Paris in a couple of weeks and experience the goodness.

I will however just shortly give some shout back to some of the people who took time to share the vision

Michael Aagaard @ http://online-tekstforfatter.dk/ – A great copywriting and SEO genius. Oh… And he loves Ramones too.

Anders Ibsen @ http://www.atosho.com/ – This will be big.

Maïa Mazaurette @ http://www.sexactu.com/ – She is so cool!

Lars AP @ http://www.redhair.dk/ – Wrote the book “Fucking Flink” (Damn nice) and a real inspiration here at echo it.

Thank you everybody else too!


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