Googles real slogan revealed

I have for some time believed that Google should change their slogan to: ”it is easier than friends”. Think about it; In the past if you where at a loss for some knowledge what would you do? Very likely call a friend, right? But that meant also having to do some small talk. Enquire to her day, dog and parents… Maybe you didn’t get the answer and had to do the same thing all over again with another friend. So if we ignore that small talking to friends can have its own merits, Google is way better because it is easier. You just shout at it what you want know. No niceties expected, and often not even a full sentence required. Once you get the result you sort them over with condescending remarks and once you find what you like – or even if you all of a sudden feel like doing something else – you just leave Google hanging. No explanations or anything.

So there you go; Google – Its easier than friends.

However, since this innovation is so great, lets instead call one or two of our friends this week and ask if there is something you can do for them? Echo it afterwards and inspire others to maybe do the same for their friends.


One Comment on “Googles real slogan revealed”

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