This charming man – RARE Original!

I was in London last week and had a blast – unfortunately I also attracted a cold and a big hole in my wallet. I got a ton of inspiration, and I guess it will slowly creep its way into this blog too. However, I will write a quick urgent post before my fever calls me back to bed. It relates to a great record – one I wanted for a long time – that I did not buy; because as happy as it would make me feel, I am sure somebody out there would be even happier to find it, and if I took it home, it would ruin it for that person.


Now the record I am talking about is the second single by the greatest band ever, The Smiths. Released in October 1983 on Rough Trade, and numerous times since, the song is a favorite of mine from my DJing years – Yes, I like Francois Kevorkian version a bit better than the original. To those of you that don’t know it, I am not the only lover of its both quirky and vulnerable sound; Mojo magazine journalists placed the track at number one on their 2008 “50 Greatest UK Indie Records of All Time” feature.

I still collect records. Not religiously as I used to, but enough to make sweet Katja sigh once in while when I go off on a rant about some old Northern Soul single or a UK original The 4-Skins album I just tracked down. So imagined when I found the pearl pictured above in this post! My joy, my excitement, my near erection! It was located at Out On the Floor records (a refrence to amazing Dobie Gray I guess) located @ 10 Inverness Street in Camden London. I am telling you this, because I did not buy it, and it is still there to pick up. Now the thing about The Smiths is that they really performed songs that can save lives. ‘nuff said! So I figured not to pick of this sought after gem, I decided that I was happy enough in order to let it slide to someone else who’s life it might potentially save. Btw: The record sleeve features a still frame from Jean Cocteau’s 1949 film Orphée, featuring French actor Jean Marais (thank you, Wikipedia).

 So there you go! And here is the song to brighten up your day:

 PS: I do hope Cardiff fan Ryan Oliver who fell down at Saturdays game against my beloved lions at Millwall will get a full recovery. What an unfortunate way to almost get killed at football, ehh? Makes you think.

Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read this.


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