Osama’s body – A missed opportunity (bad taste alert)?

Ok… Bad taste alert here – But hey – innovation is not always fun to hear about. Also, I am in deep water here, ‘cause I will shortly be talking about something I do not know anything about (an alert to me that I should likely shut up): Al-Qaeda and international terrorism. But here goes:

Why did they dump Osama’s body at sea? I simply don’t get it! I realize that a burial can potentially lead to a shine forming. But is that so bad? Think about it. The only reason that would happen is because his body apparently holds value. I am an entrepreneur, and I hate seeing value go to waste, because it means we as humans are not evolved enough to utilize our scarce resources to their maximum ability. However when we do pursue the value inherent in some resources it helps evolve the world and make it happier for everyone.

Now I don’t think anybody will doubt that Osama when alive created a lot of loss. So why are we wasting his last chance to create value and help rebuild some of the damages he was responsible for? So here is my business pitch of the day:

Bury Osama somewhere a lot of tourist goes and preferably somewhere a bit tacky and very sinful – I am thinking Las Vegas stripclub Olympic Gardens and charge 50 bucks entry that would go (almost) directly to the victims of terrorism.


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