Rainy summer reading tip

This is a delayed July post… 🙂

It is raining in Copenhagen. In fact it has been for a while this summer and many people are struggling to keep their positive attitude when in the middle of a July day it is raining and 13 degrees Celsius. I can understand this: If you pay your taxes, at least you should be able to count on a bit of sunshine in the summer, right? Well, I’ll leave that to the politicians and instead give my fellow Danes something to do while the rain is pouring down. If you are stuck in your rainy flat or a summerhouse (be it in Skagen, Tisvilde, Nykøbing S, or wherever) why not pick up a good book?

My recommendation today is The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (get it free for Kindle here)

Recommending a good book is a hard matter. There are so many good ones, and each can serve a different purpose, be it entertainment or learning. Furthermore, are you recommending to brand yourself, the author or for the receiver of the tip’s genuine pleasure?

As for the first, this recommendation is on my blog forever (scary), so it will serve to brand me I guess. As for the second reason; Franklin can hardly benefit from a recommendation from poor me, but if anyone is unaware of this champion of liberty, truth and knowledge, you should pick up this book quickly. As for the last reason; this is truly a recommendation for the readers benefit. Not only will you learn something, but it is a truly riveting tale from an honest world where great revolutions were occurring. Much like today really; Frontier America propelled hard work to riches fuelled by an enormous growth potential. Today we see something similar in China and within IT.

One of the key take aways I got from the book was how Frankling continuously kept working with himself and thereby developed a winning attitude towards life where, as he put it, it wasn’t important  who made the bullets or even who fired the gun, as long as the bullets hit the intended target. Today everybody is hooked on grapping the glory, but is that really so important?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


2 Comments on “Rainy summer reading tip”

  1. Jacob says:

    Well it does not necessary need to rain in order for old Ben to be a interesting read ;o) I brushed up on Wealth of Nations so I guess freedom in all its forms will somehow be the theme for the summer.

    all the best Jacob

  2. stefanecho says:

    Thanks for the comment Jacob! I guess freedom could be a good theme – we do seem to lose more and more of it everyday.

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