Bodega Girls on a Friday #FraekFredag @BodegaGirls

I have not been updating this for a while. Please do not take this as a measure of indifference to your or the subjects of this blog – I love you and them. Also, action speaks louder than words, so I should just leave it at that and start posting again. So I will.

Since my preferred (to say regular would be a stretch) posting day is Monday, I thought I kick of your weekend with this nice little ditty from electro rock phenomenon Bodega Girls and their lovely School Night. This is a sexy video, so #FraekFredag (props to a @LauraJul).

I think highly of these danceable trolls and I even think I can hear reminiscences of their hardcore past – maybe that is just me, but they insist on having fun and recording in just one night – that is always a cool approach to music and one that can produce great results (think Morrissey, Black Flag and many others… Love it). And don’t let the happy attitude fool ya: They are quite good lyricist too as in “You where always saying nothing but it was so profound”. Heck, I just wanted to promote them a little and took this chance.

So stay tuned for great updates the coming weeks. And go dance tonight.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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