Is facebook successful?

I had the great joy to listen in when John Ndege from Facebook stopped by Founders House the other day. Obviously he shared some good insights, but when he said the magic words: “Facebook is doing really well and is very successful” I couldn’t help myself. I had to ask him what that meant?

If you have 800 mil users what is successful exactly? What is the financial KPIs you are using? Like the average monetary value per user? What do you compare this to?

John Ndege did not give me a direct answer, so I share the question here. Which monitory or financial KPIs and at what level should they be for a company with a resource 800 mil users to be deemed successful?



2 Comments on “Is facebook successful?”

  1. Great Question! And boy would I loved to have heard the attempt at an answer. As you might remember I have some serious doubts about Business Models for Social Networks communities, and what KPI’s can support what seems to be a advertising revenue model… (in that perspective FB does have greater presence than Google, but seems to be at odds with how to capitalize on it) Also what is the break-even with hosting so many users?

  2. The reason it is difficult t masseur value when it comes to social media could be because we do not have a firm grasp on how social medias creates value. I believe that in the era of social media it is no longer just a question about eyeballs on content, but rather a question about discourse around content. So before we find the answer for your question I believe that we first must have a firm accord of the value creation in social media. On perspective is the one I present in my Master thesis. And I am trying to connect that perspective to your question in my latest blog post:

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