A challenge: Admit when you are wrong… Just ones

I value honesty above everything else. Often to the degree that it likely hurts my own career and income, but I do not see a point in games or taking credit. Straight to the point and get the job done is more me. Besides, what goes around comes around, so honesty is likely the best path to lead the world down.

I do however appreciate boldness a lot. People who state opinions or form hypothesises are the important shakers of humanity that play an essential part in propelling us all forward.

I also understand that with the modern complexity you cannot know everything, not even with google as your best friend. That is why methodology and theory of science is even more important tools today. They give a universal grounding from which to build shared understanding. A simple such statement is A is A. After all, if A is not A, it must be something else. Just like, if you to state categorical statements or hold beliefs as data-points you must admit that such beliefs are either true or false. If not, you are doing your part to help humanity slumber (sidenote: I believe an attitude of not caring about facts or your role in the world is what the song Slumber by Bad Religion is about).

Unfortunately in big organizations and the way we have decided to run our governments we use politics, and a basic element in politics is never admitting that you are wrong or that your opponent are right (even if they copied your own ideas to the letter). Some even take joy in this weird game it seems. This is one of the (several) reasons the philosopher Oppenheimer and later American essayist A.J. Nock was critical of representative government, and according to the brilliant Popper, this kind of behavior is one of the biggest treats to any system as it hampers discovery and decision making.

So my good deed mission for you is this: Next time you are caught being wrong. Admit it, no matter the consequence…

… but please feel free to share the consequences in  a comment below.

Don’t feel bad. Remember the “old” motto of the internet: Fail Faster. We fail too slow if people for whatever reason, will not admit being wrong.

On a site note: at Echo it we truly believe that the next frontier of social media is to provide technologies that improve the world we inhabit and help to fill the void left by the departure of traditions and ethics in the modern world. Echo it has to play a part in this development. Even if we fail, we must fail in such a way that humanity benefit from learning from our example.

PS: The last three posts have looked a bit political… I am sorry if I offended anybody. Please remember to use echo it nomatter what your views are. I am just rambling CEO who has too many opinions.

PPS: Here is the song referenced above for your enjoyment

Have a nice day and thank you for reading this. 



Is feedback a good deed?

A while ago I was doing a telco with participants literally spread across the globe. It was relating to some new marketing procedures and the buy-in was good from all except one. This guy kept asking questions that everybody else knew and that was clearly laid out in the documentation mailed out prior to our meeting. After wasting a half hour of everybody’s time, I realize that all the questions he was asking was printed on the next page than the one he was looking at. He clearly had not read it beforehand. I whispered my theory to the meeting leader on our side and he decided to end the meeting with the words that he would explain the procedure to the not-reader later (he didn’t call him that though).

We had a chat about it afterwards and I was told the guy was a real asset and great at his job, so you just had to live with him not always reading stuff before meetings. Hmm… Have anybody actually explained to him that he is wasting a lot of other people’s time when not being prepared for a meeting?

Because even if this guy gets upset or mad or finds excuses if confronted with his behavior, not confronting is potentially worse. Why? Because if he does not change his behavior he will slowly but steadily build up animosity in this organization, and that might in time hinder his career prospects.

I believe you should always ask people if they want feedback, but it can be hard to do. Especially when you think they’ll take it badly. But refusing upfront to try? That surely is a bad deed!

So I ask you, dear reader, is giving feedback, even to a person not asking for it, a good deed? Is it imperative?

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.

Letting in traffic squared

I drive a lot. Mainly to and from work. This means I drive a lot in rush hour traffic. In a mayor European capital to boost. Anybody who does this, knows that you are hard pressed not to ones in a while rely on the kindness of strangers in letting you into a exit lane that you missed. Anybody with an ounce of humanity in them will understand the urgency of this need; because if a kind soul does not let you in front them, the resulting detour will easy cost you half an hour, while letting you in will cost the kind stranger 30 secs (that is still not a price to be ignored or devalued… I did in fact steal/was gifted them from someone now worse off).

First off; A BIG FREAKING THANK YOU! to all that have ever let me in front of them. You rule! Please believe me when I say that I feel really grateful and spent a lot of energy the rest of day trying to repay the universe the Karma I must owe for this gesture of friendliness from a stranger. Not least, because I always feel bad that maybe you thought I was trying to cheat my way ahead, and still you saw passed that and properly figured that if I did indeed try to cheat you can still spare me the 30 secs if that makes me somehow better off. Wow!

Now here is my question to you dear reader however. And please help, cos I am lost here. If you have been let in by a kind driver, are you then suppose to also let in someone in front of you if this need materializes?

Are you compelled to continue the precise nice gesture shown to you? Let the spirit of the act ignite new ones?

Or, are you now obliged to be the bad guy and make sure no one gets let in front of you, and thereby the kind person behind you? I mean you did just take 30 sec from the driver behind you, who are you to make that a minute? Two? Ten?

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this and maybe help solve the issue.

Why do you condole?

OMG! This is bad. Henrik Hald has died. Now all you English speakers out there probably do not know who his is… or was, unfortunately. Henrik Hald was a great Danish musician who among many other projects, including sole recording, was a central part of the Danish band and Copenhagen anthem writer: Love Shop.

I was privileged enough to see Henrik Hald perform live (think a mix of Morrissey and Johnny Cash) and the last time in Vega was a scary reminder just how dreadful a disease cancer is.

The passing of Henrik Hald was not meant to result in a post here, as it is just sad. However, after a couple of days of constantly playing music of his, a problem kept coming up that I hope my readers will help me solve?

The the thing is… Upon getting the news of his death I felt so bad I had to do something. Shout it out and tell the world that this is just not on. However being in an office outside of Copenhagen where I doubted anybody felt as strongly as I did, I could not just do a wlak around the office and talk of the loss and my grief. So I posted a comment of condolence on the tabloid that reported his death.

What confuses me is, if that actually helped anybody but me? I surely felt a little better, but what else? Was it a good deed to write a respectful comment on a random newspaper? Even if those close to Henrik Hald ever happens to read it, would it make any difference to them?

Did I just do a very selfish act by hijacking his loved ones grief to make myself feel better? Instead of just being happy for the music he has provided me with?

So I made a small poll here and I hope that you answer it and comment on why you condole people with the loss of loved ones?

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this.