Keep happy in the rain… Make a list

Hello internet! Sorry to not keep this blog up. But as you all know; we beta launched last week and boy it is hard to both be an entrepreneur and keep your dayjob running (especially when you have a nice, but insistent, PE fund owner)… My last meeting yesterday ended at two in the morning, I have a cold, and is extra tired for moving all weekend. Oh yeah… And it rains and snows simontainously in Copenhagen today. Well… I am not beat, because I know that whatever pain I feel now is only temporary and in order to remind me of this fact I decided to make a short list of things that rocks right now, have it on my person (or devise) and look at it whenever I feel pressured.

Here is my list

  1. Moving in with sweetie Katja in the Frederiksberg part of Copenhagen where taxes are (slightly) lower.
  2. The great reception of echo it
  3. My friends and coworkers
  4. I am within the next month going to London, Paris and Berlin.
  5. I have tickets to see Sham 69, Descendents, Adicts and Social Distortion this spring!
  6. Bonus: Millwall beat QPR 2-0. Go lions!!


What does your list look like?

Oh yeah… The music mentioned is below so that you are not cheated from some inspiration this morning (it is all punk, so turn up your speakers) and I even found some footage of the game too.

Have a great morning! I am happy you took the time to read this.