When do you die?

Scary header, ain’t it? This post is utterly unscientific. In fact, I don’t even really know why I write it to be honest. Maybe just a little thought that I needed to share.

Remember my post on immortality? Well, I was recently at a social event sitting across from an elderly person. The person is alive and well – very much so indeed. However while the niceties that this person was normally taking part in, was developing around us, I suddenly looked across and saw a look of despair. It might have lasted only 15 seconds and then the person snapped out of it and resumed the natural place in the social activities, but damn did that get me thinking:

What if what I saw was death? Not personified, just the process. Imaging that maybe you do not slowly age and wear out and die, but the process instead happens in short intense spouts when you are not grapping on to life?

Would it change the way you behaved? Let’s assume that death was more likely to happen when you were bored and not really “into” life;  be it doing tedious management presentations, forced family outings, or house cleaning. If you avoided all these things, and others that might cause you especially to slip into a short death process, you might live, if not eternally, than statistically significantly longer. However it would come at a price of cause; you might not be able to hold down a job, your family would shun you and your house would be a mess. So think about that, how much is your pure life worth to you and how much of why you value it comes from enduring the death process from forcing you to partake in less-pleasure filled activities?

I hope your trade off is balanced to your needs and thank you for bearing with me today, as I rant about life and death.


Letting in traffic squared

I drive a lot. Mainly to and from work. This means I drive a lot in rush hour traffic. In a mayor European capital to boost. Anybody who does this, knows that you are hard pressed not to ones in a while rely on the kindness of strangers in letting you into a exit lane that you missed. Anybody with an ounce of humanity in them will understand the urgency of this need; because if a kind soul does not let you in front them, the resulting detour will easy cost you half an hour, while letting you in will cost the kind stranger 30 secs (that is still not a price to be ignored or devalued… I did in fact steal/was gifted them from someone now worse off).

First off; A BIG FREAKING THANK YOU! to all that have ever let me in front of them. You rule! Please believe me when I say that I feel really grateful and spent a lot of energy the rest of day trying to repay the universe the Karma I must owe for this gesture of friendliness from a stranger. Not least, because I always feel bad that maybe you thought I was trying to cheat my way ahead, and still you saw passed that and properly figured that if I did indeed try to cheat you can still spare me the 30 secs if that makes me somehow better off. Wow!

Now here is my question to you dear reader however. And please help, cos I am lost here. If you have been let in by a kind driver, are you then suppose to also let in someone in front of you if this need materializes?

Are you compelled to continue the precise nice gesture shown to you? Let the spirit of the act ignite new ones?

Or, are you now obliged to be the bad guy and make sure no one gets let in front of you, and thereby the kind person behind you? I mean you did just take 30 sec from the driver behind you, who are you to make that a minute? Two? Ten?

Have a nice day. I am happy you took the time to read this and maybe help solve the issue.